How to accurately and economically gauge bearings

martes, mayo 28, 2019

For manufacturers whose products feature bearings, measuring their dimensions to a high degree of precision is a crucial part of the manufacturing process and is critical to product quality.

Why accurately measuring bearings is important

Many manufacturing processes and products require a high volume of bearings and manufacturers need to be sure of the consistency of each bearing. Reliable and long-lasting sensors that deliver a high level of accuracy and repeatability at high speeds are required to guarantee this consistency.

Ensuring this accuracy and repeatability at speed is extremely demanding due to a number of factors, including the surface finish and the dimensions of the bearings. This is why the right choice of sensor improves not only product quality but also manufacturing efficiency.

How to accurately gauge bearings to a high degree of precision

The solution to accurately measuring bearings is to use precision sensors such as those designed and developed by Solartron Metrology.

This specialist measurement technology offers unrivalled durability, accuracy and repeatability. The multiple advanced sensor probes repeatedly measure the awkward dimensions of bearings to a very high degree of accuracy, and at a lower cost than that of non-contact alternatives.

The benefits of Solartron’s range of precision sensors for measuring bearings are as follows:

High resolution -  the high resolution (up to 0.01 microns) and accuracy (up to 0.05% F.S.) of the sensors means that they can accurately measure bearings with the tightest of tolerances.

High repeatability -the sensors have superior repeatability of up to 0.05µm, even under a sideload. They also feature an anti-rotation device that means that reading precision is not affected if the bearings are shuffling during measurement.

Robustness - the sensors have extra components that make them more robust and ensure better repeatability. These components include a pin and an additional sleeve that fit around bearings.

Durability - the sensors are comprehensively tested for durability. They are tested in the harshest of conditions, including under a sideload, and undergo a regime that comprises 13 million cycles. The sensors are also tested in field conditions: results show durability of hundreds of millions of cycles with no loss of repeatability.

Quick readings - manufacturers can quickly take multiple, reliable measurements of any free-form shape using Solartron gauge technology. All readings can be instantaneously delivered to a PC or PLC.

Lower costs - the quicker cycle times and repeatable measurements of Solartron sensors allow users to benefit from cost savings in terms of labour. In addition, by ensuring higher quality standards, the need for maintenance and remedial work is reduced.

This design and functionality help make Solartron sensor probes a cost-effective and cost-saving solution to accurately gauging bearings for businesses that rely on precision manufacturing and measurement.

How to optimise the benefits of sensors that gauge bearings

The advantages of the sensor technology used to gauge bearings can be further optimised when used with the Solartron Orbit 3® Digital Measurement System. The system is a digital, modular network built for easy data collection and analysis via a PC, PLC or existing in-house network.

Up to 150 Orbit 3® digital sensors can be networked together in a single interface, providing rapid, repeatable and reliable data acquisition. Interfaces include USB, Ethernet TCP/IP, RS232, Bluetooth wireless and six PLC protocols.

In addition, the Orbit 3® software drivers provide programming examples for any Windows-based software, including Excel, LabVIEW and QC-CALC.

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